1DMP - Release notes

1DMP platform has got the update version 2018.07.1. The main changes and important notes are bellow.
Audience Manager
  • Capability of segments creating by combination of rules by Customer Profiles and Customer Journey.
  • Attribute statistics are now considered for all segments, and also the Customer Journey segments contain all the profile IDs that have passed through the ID-graph.
  • Capability to change the Criteria for already built segments. Previously calculated statistics will be saved, so you need to take into account that when you change the rule, it will not be quite relevant. However, the possibility of correcting random errors or segments experimenting seemed to us more important than strict consistency.
  • Capability to delete calculated segment. We considered the possibility to experiment with segments as a priority.
  • In the preparation for the consolidation of Customer Profile and Customer Journey segmentation we have updated the segmentation by profiles into the segment description language dmpQL. The migration of old segments will occur automatically when the system is upgraded. Externally there were no changes for an user. As a pleasant side effect - the parser dmpQL rules processes segments Customer Profiles much faster.
Attention: If you have used the segments in the profiles API from an external system, note that now when you create/modify segments you must pass the rules in dmpQL! This may require updating the code integration 1DMP.
  • Incorrect data or segmentation rules now do not affect the construction of all segments - segmentation will mark the segment with the problem and continue to work.
  • We have sometimes encountered when data from Tag Manager (or API) was sent with one type but in Taxonomy the attribute was started with another. Therefore to avoid accidental errors if the attribute type does not match in the data and in the rule or taxonomy (for example when a string is compared to a number) an attempt to cast the types will now be made
  • The dashboards list management interface has been updated, the dashboards creation button has moved to the basement of the left navigation bar, and the dashboards list is now minimized by default.
  • Now you can choose metrics to display on the charts - not only the size of the segment but also the number of profiles with a defined attribute value (for example the number of men in the segment), and you can select metrics for the entire audience (for example the total number of women).
  • New chart type - selected metrics can be displayed as columns.
Other updates
  • The formula and visualization of the affinity index for segments were updated to make this information more understandable and readable.
  • The capability to give the system commands to remove profiles from the database (including GDPR) was implemented. This feature can be used by developers and administrators of the system
  • MyTarget - update of the adapter for unloading segments.
  • Capability to activate segments in GetIntent via 1DMC.
  • Gzip compression support for uploaded CSV file.
Tag Manager
  • Optimizations have been made in the interface to simplify the configuration of data collection. In particular when you configure a TrackEvent tag you can now create missing variables and taxonomy attributes without leaving the tag setup screen. Also in the javascript editor code we added contextual hints to help the user to insert variable references of the container in a few keystrokes.
  • By default auto-saving of the all identifiers in the profile to sent into Customer Journey (including when you call pixel 1DMP).
  • Fixed conflicts when loading multiple containers on the same page.
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